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The french colonization of texas began with the establishment of a fort in presentday southeastern texasit was established in 1685 near arenosa creek and matagorda bay by explorer robert cavelier de la sallehe intended to found the colony at the mouth of the mississippi river but inaccurate maps and navigational errors caused his ships to anchor instead 400 miles 640 km to the west off.

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Span classnews_dt9302013spannbsp01833210 germany murders 80 percent of the herero tribe the southern african country of namibia is a tough place to live the namibian coastline is nearly 2000 kilometers 1200 mi of barren sand dunes and rocky terrain unsuited for cropsbut it also holds wealth in the form of diamonds rare metals and gemstones.

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The blackfoot tribe was a nomadic native american group that lived on the great plains learn about their society and how contact with europeans changed their culture forever in this lesson 2015.

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afrodominicans are dominicans of predominant black african ancestry they represent 526 of the dominican republics population according to the 1996 electoral census based on dominican identity cards data or 109 of the dominican population according to the 1960 population census the last one in which race was queried the majority of black dominicans descend from west africans and.

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November 1993 marked a shift in the hiphop landscape exemplified by albums from tribe snoop queen latifah and wutang xxl looks back at the pivotal moment.

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West and central africa the west african area is important because this is where the majority of slaves departed for the new world hence large elements of west african particularly yoruba religion blended with catholicism can be found in religions such as vodun also known as voodoo haiti candombl232 brazil and santeria carribean.

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Span classnews_dt3162019spannbsp018332a group of adventurers head to a primitive tribe in africa to find a treasure.

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Span classnews_dt9122018spannbsp018332heres a terrific updating of the 1956 nikkatsu classic crazed fruit.